We are a Mobile Agency.

We are an agency linked to a land of tireless workers, who have been able to transform a pile of sand into an amusement park. We love our country, Italy, home of creators and innovators who have exported beauty everywhere. We believe in the social responsibility of our continent, born from the ashes of the greatest conflict in the world. We believe it is worth protecting every corner of the planet and every single culture, from which we can only learn.

Our reality is the tangible ground where technology, design and communication meet in order to create cross-connections with our collaborators and our customers.

We are a “fluid” multi-project team.

We plan our work in short intervals favouring humane discussion through direct relationships. We work using advanced technologies to allow team members the flexibility in space and time management needed to free their creativity and effectively implement their skills. We firmly believe that good work and competence are irreplaceable pillars of growth.

We are engineers and designers.

Mango Mobile has its origins in engineering, and the drive to always invent something new has allowed us to create extraordinary apps over the years, always with a focus on quality. Our applications have supported business processes, helped users, involved and entertained the public. They are business and marketing tools, installed on hundreds of thousands of devices. And they are beautiful. For us, beauty is a broad concept, which we bring out with Design. Beauty means pleasure in use, intuitiveness, surprise, robustness, fluidity. Our perception of beauty is also the result of our bond with the culture sector, and our commitment to the mission of digitising it with our Showtime! brand.

We are competent and attentive to customer needs.

We start our work studying the business of our customers to understand their needs and offer a tailor-made product that distinguishes them on the market. We know the importance of good communication to effectively spread the applications created and we put our skills at the service of our customers, supporting them during the approach to new digital tools. This exchange of know-how has always taught us that teaming up with the customer is the best training path we can both undertake.