Since 1900 hundreds of actors, directors, characters and excited spectators have populated the halls of the Teatro Eliseo in Rome. Eduardo De Filippo, Monica Vitti, Anna Magnani, Vittorio Gassman are some of the names who have trod the stages, writing to each show a new piece of Italian and international theater.


To celebrate its 100-year history, the Theater opens to the mobile channel with the Official App “Teatro Eliseo”, an example of Showtime! branding that through an intuitive user experience will allow the public to discover events, the details of each show, special offers.
Thanks an agile consultation of the billboard, users will have at their fingertips all the details of each show, always updated in real time, and can buy tickets at any time directly from their device.
Each user will be able to create a personalized Wish List based on his / her preferences, having all the events at their fingertips and being notified at each start.
Through the menu item History it will be possible to keep track of the last tabs displayed and, finally, by receiving Push notifications, users receive exclusive promotions, last minute informations on program changes and warnings, thus obtaining an even more precise communication.

Teatro Eliseo app integrates two evolved Add-ons: Show.Beacon and Show.Campaign. The first to increase the interaction with the viewer, becoming a communication tool aimed at promotion and gamification activities for those inside the Theater and the second to program Push Notifications campaigns, personalizing messages sent with images and animations in order to make the communications of the Theater more engaging!


Teatro Eliseo
Rome, Italy


iPhone and Android app development, Web Console Development for App Management, Communication Consultancy on mobile channel.

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