Teatro Stabile di Napoli – National Theater in its three stages (Mercadante – San Ferdinando – Ridotto del Mercadante) offers a program that combines the pleasure of entertainment, dance and theater, the great classics and the contemporary pieces. Mercadante Theater welcomes the productions of the Stabile and the shows from the major Italian theaters, with performers and directors of national and international fame. Ridotto is the “window” on the contemporary repertoire: a space for creative projects and new scenic forms. San Ferdinando is the theater of Eduardo De Filippo, “temple” of the Neapolitan, classical and contemporary dramaturgy that hosts productions and hospitality related to Neapolitan culture and language.

The TSN – Teatro Stabile Napoli application is an example of Showtime! branding which, through an application dedicated to iPhone and Android, will allow the Theater to communicate with its users directly through the new technologies applied.
By downloading the Teatro Stabile Napoli APP, the user will have the opportunity to easily consult all the shows and events of the theater, to access special promotions and purchase via APP by receiving the ticket directly via email on your smartphone!


Teatro Stabile di Napoli
Naples, Italy


iPhone and Android app development, Web Console Development for App Management, Communication Consultancy on mobile channel.

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