For the young English startup PicWix, Mango Mobile Agency has created a fully functional prototype version of the PicWix App whose core business is gaming through active users participation in contests that allow users to upload “contextualized” photos and videos for to be able to win technological prizes.

what we have done

For the creation of the PicWix application, Mango Mobile Agency has involved the development and communication teams since the first approach of the mobile project: starting from a design (in part already defined) the team activated itself, in agreement with the customer, to find more current, attractive and functional graphic and technological solutions able to compete with the most recent communication tools.
The development of the app involved the use of an innovative technology such as React Native capable to offeri a unique development valid for both the iOS and Android mobile platforms. The whole server counterpart (already partially present), has been strengthened in order to guarantee the customer the best reliability and data backup also in compliance with the latest GDPR regulations. PicWix App was published on the AppStore and GooglePlay in order to become a tangible and demonstrative object of a business plan presented to potential investors.

Customer was constantly followed by Mango Mobile Agency Communications team for the creation of a starting marketing strategy that monitored the path of updating the application functionality and their consistency with the present and future characteristics of the business plan.

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Simone Marin

Teatro Duse Administrator