Teatro Brancaccio
Teatro Brancaccio

Teatro Brancaccio


Teatro Brancaccio, located in Esquilino, a vibrant and central district of Rome, next to Palazzo Brancaccio, is considered one of the historical sites of the Roman theater and one of the most illustrious nationwide. On its stage have passed generations of artists of the theater, music and dance. From October 2012 the artistic director is Alessandro Longobardi.

what we have done

The official mobile application of the Brancaccio and Brancaccino Theater, developed by Mango Mobile Agency, allows users to quickly consult all the shows and events on the Theater bill. Over the years, the Mango Mobile Agency communication team has strategically supported the promotion and communication campaigns via app, devising active engagement actions together with the theater team.

Through the use of the app, viewers can directly purchase tickets from the page of their favorite show and, thanks to push notifications, receive promotions and updates even at the last minute.

”Mango Mobile si è rivelata partner ideale per l’ambizioso progetto di tradurre in mobile la rivista tuttoDanza, sia sia in termini di competenza tecnica, sia come supporto strategico in fase di lancio e diffusione dell’applicazione.”

Marco Pesta

Direttore del Balletto di Milano