The magazine TuttoDanza, published since 1977 and since 1994 owned by the Associazione Culturale Arteatro, deals with dance, ballet and multidisciplinary shows in which the dance takes on a prominent space, through anticipations, reviews, interviews, special services.
In distribution in Italy and abroad, TuttoDanza applies at operators in the entertainment sector, cultural associations, theaters, dance schools, music and theater, libraries, specialized shops, large and medium-sized companies promoting cultural and entertainment initiatives, institutions active in the sector.

what we have done

For the project to bring the magazine tuttoDanza to the mobile-app channel, Mango has developed an ad-hoc App that has the ambition to become the mobile reference point for Italian and foreign dance: the app proposes to present tout-court the most famous dance companies and the emerging dance companies reporting and suggesting their performances on stage on the stages of the world.
Through the use of the application, available for iOS and Android devices, users can create their own Wish List, share their event cards with their contacts and buy tickets directly in the App from the shows that TuttoDanza will report with editorial insights, keeping therefore its informative nature of professional nature is intact.

Insights, news, research, these are some of the keys to involve the user more and giving access to the theater increasingly facilitated.

”Mango Mobile si è rivelata partner ideale per l’ambizioso progetto di tradurre in mobile la rivista tuttoDanza, sia sia in termini di competenza tecnica, sia come supporto strategico in fase di lancio e diffusione dell’applicazione.”

Marco Pesta

Direttore del Balletto di Milano