Crop Report System
Crop Report System


Cesena (FC)

Crop Report System

CAC is a Cesena agricultural cooperative founded in 1948 which today associates over 2200 farms and offers contract multiplication services for horticultural and industrial seeds. CAC deals with the placement of these varieties with its associated farmers, assisting them during the crop cycle up to the collection of the seed which, with the use of the most modern systems, is processed until the established contractual standards are obtained and then sent to the customers who have commissioned it.

what we have done

Through an application created by Mango Mobile Agency for Android devices, the collection of text data and images becomes more intuitive and faster than desktop program console:

  • Navigate To function, integrated with the device navigator, it is even easier to reach the farmer’s field;
  • Push notifications notify operators about deadlines to respect for delivering the data at the best time;
  • Crop Report App is integrated with the quality process: this information are digitized for faster collection and archiving.

The mobile collection of digital information allows CAC operators to record farmer members’ data directly from the fields having up-to-date information available to customers at the headquarters. Through the localization of fields and the position of the device, the operators are automatically notified by the app with the right document to be drawn up.

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Simone Marin

Teatro Duse Administrator