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Underwater housing photo app

Easydive is a company specialized in the production of equipment for video and underwater photography. Easydive has become a leader in the production of cases for reflex and mirrorless cameras, camcorders, smartphones and tablets. Two of its best-known products are Leo3Smart and DiveShot, universal cases for smartphones, 100% Made in Italy, for diving photography professionals. Mango Mobile Agency has created a Native iOS App, compatible with both Leo3Smart and DiveShot, for underwater photography enthusiasts who use their iPhone within these.

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what we did

Mango Mobile Agency, as an expert company in the creation of native iOS apps, was involved in the remaking of the apps that interface with the Leo3Smart and DiveShot cases. Unlike the previous ones, a single app compatible with both cases has been created to simplify communication and interaction between Easydive and its customers.

The iPhone app has been entirely built with the latest Apple development languages (Swift UI) to improve the app’s maintainability and solve problems that emerged in the latest operating systems in previous apps.

Once the user has started the app and inserted his iPhone inside the case, he will be able to connect to it automatically via Bluetooth and take pictures or record videos by setting all the configurations of the most modern digital cameras, interacting from the physical pad present on the housing.


In a first phase of the project, the usability aspects were defined through the preparation and sharing with the customer of graphic mockups that addressed the various aspects of interaction of the app with the user. Subsequently, the methods of connection with the enclosures and the best workflow to implement were analysed. Finally, the development was carried out with a modern native Apple language and the publication was carried out directly on the client’s official AppStore.

”Abbiamo realizzato insieme con Mango Mobile l’app Dimar con l’obiettivo di velocizzare alcuni dei processi operativi del cliente finale. L’app in breve tempo è entrata a pieno titolo tra gli strumenti produttivi quotidiani: utilizzata con facilità e successo da circa trenta operatori è testimonianza dell’efficacia di questa collaborazione tecnica che raccoglie tra i primi risultati la soddisfazione del cliente. ”

Fabio Lombardi

Optit s.r.l. CIO – Chief Information Officer