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GCM Project: Innovation in Logistics and Work Organization

DIMAR, a leader in the retail sector with an extensive network of stores throughout Italy, is committed to revolutionizing the logistics management and work organization in its warehouses.

The goal was to create a mobile solution that effectively connects the logistic and work organization (ODL) areas of each point of sale, thereby improving the warehouse unloading processes.

what we have done

Mango Mobile developed an intuitive and robust mobile app, dedicated to warehouse staff. This app facilitates checks upon the arrival of transport vehicles, effectively managing the “touches” of merchandise to be unloaded, even across multiple retail points. The app has been optimized for use on Zebra devices, which operate on Android systems. Designed for the latest Android operating systems, the app also includes the integration of an SDK for barcode reading, making it versatile for use with non-standard Android hardware.

The application connects to a sophisticated backend developed by Optit, providing standard format APIs for efficient data exchange between the app and the central system. This ensures smooth and coordinated management of warehouse operations.

With this solution, DIMAR is now able to manage warehouse operations with greater efficiency and precision. The app has significantly improved communication between logistic and work organization areas, leading to an overall improvement in warehouse unloading operations.

This innovative app is an excellent example of how technology can transform business operations, making processes more agile and reliable. This tailored solution perfectly fits the specific needs of DIMAR, setting a new standard in logistics efficiency in the retail sector.

Private Android App

Starting from the analysis of data to be presented and collected, and continuing with the presentation of graphic mockups to the final client, Mango Mobile proceeded to implement the final app, with subsequent integration of the data, server-side, into the custom management system developed by OPTIT.

”Together with Mango Mobile, we developed the Dimar app with the goal of speeding up some of the operational processes of the end client. In a short time, the app has become fully integrated into the daily productive tools: used easily and successfully by about thirty operators, it is a testament to the effectiveness of this technical collaboration, which among its first results includes the satisfaction of the client.”

Fabio Lombardi

Optit s.r.l. CIO – Chief Information Officer