Seeds Tracker System

Cesena (FC)

Sativa is an Italian leading group for the production and sale of seeds: the company specializes in the production of vegetable seeds and the growth of many Mediterranean varieties, such as tomato, pepper, eggplant, onion, peas, beans, etc.

what we have done

Seeds Tracker App, developed for Android Tablet by Mango Mobile Agency for Sativa, is able to optimize the work of the Research and Development department, which is responsible for generating new seed varieties by digitizing the analysis reports.

The process of digitizing information, simultaneously with their collection in fields, removes transcription times reducing the possibility of error: digitized information allows instant parameters for selecting the best plants.

Reports and data to be analyzed at a later stage allow to trace the entire genealogy of a variety in order to improve the creation of new production batches.

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Simone Marin

Teatro Duse Administrator