Cesena (FC)

Technogym is an Italian company, world leader in the production of sports and leisure equipment based in Cesena. It was founded in 1983 by Nerio Alessandri and for over 35 years Technogym has been promoter of wellness through the production of highly technological professional equipment.

what we have done

For Technogym, one of the most important companies in Emilia Romagna, Mango Mobile Solutions offers consulting and development services for the creation of software solutions on the mobile and embedded platform, helping the customer in the commercial diffusion of services for its main business: products intended for fitness.

Technogym and Mango Mobile Agency carry on an open and constructive discussion with the aim of keeping a reliable and long-lasting business relationship which allows to operate within a dynamic and complex structure such as Technogym: a large company in the sector IT.

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Simone Marin

Teatro Duse Administrator