Mango Mobile Solutions, in partnership with OPTIT, creates a Native Android App for DIMAR SpA (commercial group operating in the large scale distribution with the brands Selex and Famila) intended for suppliers of stores in order to ensure synchronization and verification of the workings in the individual sales points.

Mango Mobile Solutions, as expert Company in the creation of mobile interfaces, was involved in DIMAR project to offer to users of the application the maximum usability of using data on mobile devices: the app, after log in, allows the employee of the service provider to view the planned activities to be carried out in the store, grouped in a calendar.

When an activity is completed, user can record it by uploading photos, texts and pre-filled data, allowing the store to verify and manage disputes that may occur in completing a job. Push notifications in app allows the employee to be notified promptly in the event of assignments or in case of changes for his work.

Starting from the analysis of the data and the presentation of the graphic mockups, Mango Mobile Solutions has come to implement the final app with consequent integration on server site of the data to the proprietary system created by OPTIT.


Cherasco (CN)


UX/UI project, Data flow analysis, Android App development

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